Sunday Times Magazine Feature

This winter I have been shooting the world of the all-year-round swimmers along the South Coast. A hardy bunch and their numbers have increased dramatically due to Covid shutting down local swimming pools.   I am really happy to have the piece published over four pages as a photography special in the Sunday Times Magazine, see the layout below. 

New work - English Sparkling

This October I have been making a series of images looking at the booming wine industry in the South of England during the harvest season. ‘English Sparkling’ is now making huge inroads in the Champagne world.  The county of Sussex shares virtually the same climate and soil conditions as much of the Champagne region and some vineyards have beaten Champagne in blind tasting awards. I wanted to make a slightly curious collection of images and move it away from the sunset over vineyard scene as much as possible. The full gallery can be seen here but here is a snippet.