New work - English Sparkling

This October I have been making a series of images looking at the booming wine industry in the South of England during the harvest season. ‘English Sparkling’ is now making huge inroads in the Champagne world.  The county of Sussex shares virtually the same climate and soil conditions as much of the Champagne region and some vineyards have beaten Champagne in blind tasting awards. I wanted to make a slightly curious collection of images and move it away from the sunset over vineyard scene as much as possible. The full gallery can be seen here but here is a snippet. 

Brighton Seafront’s relaxed lockdown

I took a trip down to Brighton seafront on the 70th day of ‘lockdown’, ie the 30th of May. Being the last weekend before further restrictions were to be eased I found a festival-like atmosphere on the seafront.  There has never been a sunnier spring in the UK and an overwhelmingly young demographic of Brighton and Hove residents were out enjoying it. Largely exciting but also a little worrying to see.. Heres an edit. 

Guardian Weekend Magazine Story

I was fortunate enough to work on a story about the increasing risks migrants are taking  by crossing the English Channel in small boats that are ill equiped, overcrowded and never intended to cross one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.  The story involved portraits of a young Iranian migrant child who for obvious reason had to remain anonymous and a n amazing lady from Folkstone helping these desperate kids.  It was also a great chance to go up Belle-tout Lighthouse near Beachy Head.  The  stry can also be seen here: