Editorial portraits for the NFU

Here are some recent editorial / environmental portraits taken at a farm in Kent for NFU (National Farmers’​ Union) for a story about the importance of farming apprenticeships. I photographed Timothy and Dave, who both decided to change their careers through an apprenticeship scheme this farm offered. They now help manage a large vineyard which saw a bumper crop in 2023 due to the long hot summer. I learnt that Champagne producers now buy vineyards in SE England and ship the juice back to Champagne for vinification.

Portrait of Think Tank director, Bastian Giegerich

A recent portrait of Dr Bastian Giegerich, the Director-General and Chief Executive of The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) at their offices in London.  These are the guys that hold the Shangri-La Dialogue every year.  It was a classic portrait and interview assignment with Germany’s Der Spiegel, meaning some quick portraits before or after (usually) the interview and then some engaged shots during the interview, such as the below. 

Published in De Volkskrant

My photo series on the resilience of the anchovy fisherman on the west coast of Sri Lanka was published in Holland’s well respected media, De Volkskrant. I’m very happy with the layouts and grouping of portraits. To see a gallery of this photo series please visit my Anchovy fishermen photo essay.  I have contacts available on the ground to be interviewed and a local writer if needed.