Office Photography for BACB Annual Report

I was recently tasked with creating a series of photos featuring BACB’s staff at their newly refurbished London HQ. These images were intended to add a touch of vibrancy to this year’s Annual Report. Capturing high-quality and engaging imagery in office settings can be challenging, but with careful planning and by securing the participation of various employees, we produced images that both the BACB bank and board members were very pleased with.  Below are some of the images used in the annual report. 

Podcast Key Art Shoot

I was asked by SUNDAY agency to produce the cover art for a new podcast for their client, ICAEW.  They wanted the host shot on a colorama matching the brand colours - finding a date and time was the biggest challenge. The shoot location was at the ICAEW offices in Moorgate London, which had plenty of room for the backdrop and lights. After a few wardrbobe and prop changes, we ended up with plenty of options and its great to see the images across Spotify, Soundcloud, Applemusic etc. 

My new work on La Palma featured in De Volkskrant

This January, I embarked on a self-assigned photo story on the Canary Island of La Palma. The island gained international attention in 2021 with the eruption of its Cumbre Vieja volcano, which lasted a staggering 85 days. The most extensive in the island’s history, the lava flows entirely engulfed the town of Todoque, destroying an estimated 3,000 properties and hundreds of acres of banana plantations, known locally as fincas.

Beyond the now-familiar images of molten red lava that saturated the internet, I wanted to capture a different perspective – La Palma’s present reality. Fueled by curiosity, I spent a week on the island, camera in hand, immersing myself in this transformed landscape.

See my full gallery of La Palma’s post-eruption story here. All images are captioned: 

Its great to see my work published today in leading Dutch newspaper, below is the dps in print and also a screengrab of the online gallery.  ( online piece. )  

Editorial portraits for the NFU

Here are some recent editorial / environmental portraits taken at a farm in Kent for NFU (National Farmers’​ Union) for a story about the importance of farming apprenticeships. I photographed Timothy and Dave, who both decided to change their careers through an apprenticeship scheme this farm offered. They now help manage a large vineyard which saw a bumper crop in 2023 due to the long hot summer. I learnt that Champagne producers now buy vineyards in SE England and ship the juice back to Champagne for vinification.