My new work on La Palma featured in De Volkskrant

This January, I embarked on a self-assigned photo story on the Canary Island of La Palma. The island gained international attention in 2021 with the eruption of its Cumbre Vieja volcano, which lasted a staggering 85 days. The most extensive in the island’s history, the lava flows entirely engulfed the town of Todoque, destroying an estimated 3,000 properties and hundreds of acres of banana plantations, known locally as fincas.

Beyond the now-familiar images of molten red lava that saturated the internet, I wanted to capture a different perspective – La Palma’s present reality. Fueled by curiosity, I spent a week on the island, camera in hand, immersing myself in this transformed landscape.

See my full gallery of La Palma’s post-eruption story here. All images are captioned: 

Its great to see my work published today in leading Dutch newspaper, below is the dps in print and also a screengrab of the online gallery.  ( online piece. )