Photo reportage featured in The Guardian

Earlier this year I made a self-assigned trip to Sri Lanka to do some photography on subjects that interest me. I am really happy to have one of the stories I made featured in The Guardian today. A whole photo essay and in black and white - my first monochrome series in about 15 years!  I looked at the Manta ray gill plate trade - used in China for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sadly, Sri Lanka is one of the biggest killers of these super intelligent creatures. I visited the main fishing port of Sri Lanka, Negombo at night time when fishing fleets return home and offload their catches.  The excellent text was later made by Zinara Rathnayake with the contact details I gathered on my visits there. 

The full gallery of work

The Guardian feature

Edit: 8th May 2023.

Chuffed to have the images reproduced in HET FINANCIEELE DAGBLAD , Hollands’  ‘Financial Times’  today. I have added the dps tearsheet in the gallery below.